Naturist massage

Discover the naturist massage where self-abandonment opens the doors of pleasure ... So, ready to reach the seventh heaven? The gestures of the masseuse are with alternating pressures and more fluid movements and sometimes very soft which give the feeling of comfort and complete surrender. Unlike other massage techniques, the latter does not have any fixed standards. At once sensual, enveloping and energizing, the naturist massage involves large movements links between all parts of the body.

The naturist massage is performed on a naked body, movements are facilitated by the oil with emphasis on the parts most tense body (back, legs). For the full naturist massage, I massage every part of your body.

Throughout the whole body massage, breathing is essential: Deep, performed by the diaphragm, it aims to relax the massaged, unblock emotions to allow it to access the beneficial sensations of touch.

Body-body massage

A warm body contact and hands. The first part of this session begins with the Californian massage with some Swedish massage techniques. The gestures are sweet and much more sensual. Part of this massage will take you slowly towards the melee contact with the masseuse and lighter movements, touches and caresses.

The massage can last for 2 hours to give you time to enjoy the moment of well-being and regain your balance through the magic of being touched.

Especially sensual, body-body massage that aims primarily consciousness of the body, out of mind control, far from automatic daily actions and behaviors.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage helps to relax, to become aware of his body, to regain the vital energy and reconnect with his senses. A touch slow, soft, medium and long gestures reveal sensitive parts of your body and awaken your sensuality.

To let touch, touch without any particular expectations other than to feel his body in the present moment is a moment of real happiness. Caresses and touches on all parts of your body, bring you a sense of well-being and through this sensual massage, tensions relax to offer complete relaxation.

The minimum lasts 1 hour massage to leave you time to enjoy the moment of well-being and regain your balance through the magic of being touched.

In the Tantric tradition, these movements awaken inspiration in women and the vital forces in man. Although it can happen to any act purely sexual, it is perfect for men and women who need to circulate their sexual energy, érotiser their relationship.